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Wheel Covers
for Official BSA Pinewood Derby Wheels

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These aluminum wheel covers look great on any car equipped with official Cub Scout pinewood derby wheels. They attach with a drop or two of Super Glue, and do not affect the performance of the car.

Important Note

Some packs restrict the use of wheelcovers or hubcaps. Although these wheel covers are strictly decorative, make sure that they are allowed by your pack's rules.


To install the wheel covers, follow the instructions below:
  1. Apply a small amount of super glue on the outer rim of the wheel. With a toothpick spread the glue evenly around the rim.

  2. With the polished side of the wheel cover facing outwards, drop the wheel cover into place.

  3. Apply pressure with the eraser of a pencil. Then run a clean toothpick around the outer rim of the wheel cover to securely glue it in place.


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