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Tungsten COG Weight™ - 2 ounces
Pinewood Derby Weight

Product Content

COG Weights contain four, 1/2 ounce threaded cylinders.

Product Specifications

Diameter - 0.322 inch (0.381 on threads)

Length - 0.772 inch (0.643 without stud)

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a metal with one of the highest densities. Tungsten is 1.7 times more dense than lead, 2.4 times denser than steel, and 2.7 times denser than zinc.

How to Use this Product

Tungsten COG weights are designed to thread into a 3/8 inch (or 23/64 inch) diameter hole. By drilling the hole longer than needed, the position of the weight can be adjusted to tune the COG (center of gravity) of the car.

COG weights can be used individually or as a group. The COG weights nest with each other so that they will adjust together. When using them as a group, it is best to use epoxy or super glue to glue the weights together to ensure that they stay nested. The photo shows two nested COG weights.

The position of a COG weight is adjusted with a 1/8 inch hex key (Allen Wrench). Typically, holes for the COG weights are drilled into the back of the car (see photo) so that the front-to-back COG can be adjusted. Alternatively, holes can be drilled into the side of the car for adjusting the side-to-side COG.

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