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Pinewood Derby Tracks Q&A

Why can I find plans for building a pinewood derby track?
Among others, these two free track plans are posted on the Internet:


The plans look complete, but I do not have any experience with either one.

What type of pinewood derby track should I get?
Tracks are available in aluminum, wood, and plastic. In general, the aluminum tracks are more accurate, and hold up better. Wood tracks are not generally as smooth as aluminum tracks, and are susceptible to warping and water damage. However, they are less expensive. The less expensive plastic tracks tend to be flimsy and can warp. Also, the major plastic track on the market has side guides (instead of a center guide rail), which is different than all other tracks (most wheels are designed for use on tracks with center guide rails).

My personal recommendation is to spend the extra money to get an aluminum track.

Where can I buy a pinewood derby track?

Aluminum (Microwizard)

Wood (S&W Crafts)


Which aluminum track do you recommend?
Both tracks have pros and cons. I prefer the construction and surface of the Microwizard track. The anodized version is especially nice. However, BestTrack has a nicer starting gate and finish line. They also have many accessories for the track. So, either track would be a good choice.

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