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Pinewood Derby Tools Q&A

What is the most important of the Pro-Tools?
If you are preparing your own pinewood derby wheels, then the Pro-Wheel Mandrel is the most valuable. If you are using prepared wheels then the Pro-Body Tool (or Pro-Body Jig) would be the most valuable, as the tool allows you to get accurate axle mounting.

Will the Pro-Wheel Mandrel replacement screw fit in the standard mandrel?
Yes, the replacement screw fits into the standard mandrel.

What is the difference between the Pro-Body Tool II and the Pro-Body Jig?
The Pro-Body Tool drills a pair of axle holes with one setup, while the Pro-Body Jig drills four holes. Also, the Pro-Body Tool can be used to drill pilot holes into axle slots, while the Pro-Body Jig cannot (it sets the holes slightly higher on the block). If you plan to drill one or two blocks, the the Pro-Body Tool should be fine. But if you plan to do quite a few blocks, then the Pro-Body Jig would be beneficial.

Why can't I use the Pro-Wheel Shaver XT II on Awana wheels?
Awana wheels are made from a relatively soft plastic. Instead of shaving the plastic, the blade of the XT tends to bite into the soft plastic, leaving gouges.

How long will the Pro-Tools last?
If you are careful with them, they will last indefinitely. Specifically:
Does the Wheel Balancer really help?
The Wheel Balancer is a more "subtle" tool, and would make a difference in very tight races.

Can you explain how the Pro-Axle Guide works?
When installing an axle into a slot, the axle wants to take the path of least resistance. So the axle tends to go in at an angle. If you then try to straighten the axle, the axle will bend or (more likely) the wood block will chip. The Pro-Axle Guide forces the axles to go in straight, eliminating the need to adjust the angle.

Do I need to buy a 5 ounce and/or 200 gram weight when I buy a scale?
Not necessarily. If you want to be able to calibrate your scale from time to time, then you would need a 200 gram weight. If you want to prove the accuracy of the scale (at a weigh-in for example), then you would need a 5 ounce weight.

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