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Pro-Wheel Shaver XT II
for Pinewood Derby Wheels

US Patent No. 7,243,582

Wheel Accuracy = Greater Speed!

Each pinewood derby kit manufacturer creates wheels using several different molds. These molds create wheels which are similar, but none of which are perfectly round and true. In some cases, the tread has an oval shape, while in other cases the wheel bore is not centered on the wheel.

Sanding the wheels on a wheel mandrel polishes the tread surface, but it does not significantly change the shape of the wheel. In fact, to truly create round wheels, a computer controlled lathe is required. However, this expensive machine is not a practical solution for the casual pinewood derby car builder.

But now anyone can create round pinewood derby wheels (see Figure 2). Introducing the Pro-Wheel Shaver XT II, a precision device that will improve the speed of your pinewood derby car by:
  1. Wheel Diameter Truing - Creating a wheel which is perfectly round, and true to the wheel bore.

  2. Wheel Width Truing - Truing the inside edge of the wheel, removing molding marks and excess material.


The Pro-Wheel Shaver XT II is designed with a screw-adjustable blade, simplifying the use of the tool and ensuring greater accuracy. The tool is intended for use on wheels made of a relatively hard plastic, such as those offered by BSA, MV, PineCar, Royal Rangers1, S&W1, and Royal Ambassadors.

The Pro-Wheel Shaver XT II is not intended for wheels made of a relatively soft plastic, such as those offered by Awana and PinePro.

Required tools

In addition to the Pro-Wheel Shaver XT II, the following tools are required:
Important Notes
  1. The Pro-Wheel Shaver XT II is a hand-powered lathe. It removes tread material such that the resulting wheel is round. With a little practice, wheels can be machined to within 1 thousandths of an inch (0.001). Check your local rules to make sure that lathed wheels are allowed in your race.

  2. The Pro-Wheel Shaver XT II is intended for adult use as it requires adult hand strength to loosen and tighten the adjustment bolts and to turn the wheels.

  3. Although the blade does not have a knife-like edge, use care to minimize the risk of an injury. If the blade ceases to shave the wheel, the cutting edge can be restored with a fine honing stone or a fine-toothed file. Replacement blades are available from Maximum Velocity.

  4. For best results practice with a spare set of wheels before truing the target wheels.

  5. Fine cross-cuts may be created on the wheel tread surface which cannot be completely removed by polishing. These cuts should not affect the performance of the wheel.

1Requires a short piece of 1/8" OD brass or aluminum tubing for use as a bushing. In addition, each wheel must be lightly reamed by hand with a 1/8" drill bit.

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