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Pro-Rail Rider Tool
for Pinewood Derby Cars

In pinewood derby racing, winners and also-rans are often separated by fractions of an inch. Although many factors affect car performance, precision alignment is a key to reaching the winner's circle.

Setting the alignment of a car has always been a tricky process. If a bent front axle is used to make the adjustment, getting a precise bend in the axle has literally been a "hit or miss" process.

But now this has all changed. Introducing the Pro-Rail Rider Tool, which works with the Pro-Axle Press II to put precise bends in axles for alignment adjustment and/or for running with angled axles. When coupled with the Rail-Rider™ alignment technique, significant performance improvements can be achieved.

The Pro-Rail Rider tool:
  1. Assists in Alignment Adjustment - The tool will make a precise bend in a front axle for adjusting the alignment of the car.

  2. Supports Two Angles - Either a 1.5 and 2.5 degree bend can be made in an axle.

  3. Implements Angled Axles - If angled (canted) axles are desired, the tool will precisely bend the axles for running on the inside edge of the wheels.

  1. A Pro-Axle Press II (Part 5130) is required to use the Pro-Rail Rider Tool.

  2. The Pro-Rail Rider Tool is intended for axles measuring approximently 0.087, which include BSA axles, and MV Speed Axles. The tool will work on larger axles, such as those offered by Awana and PineCar, however the angle will be slightly less than 1.5 or 2.5 degrees.

  3. The Pro-Rail Rider Tool will bend the following axles: 4025, 4055, 4056, 4094, 4095, 4096, 4097, 4099, 5440, 5451, and 5465

  4. The Pro-Rail Rider Tool will not bend the following axles. 4051, 4052, 4093, 4098, and 4100. Attempting to bend one of these axle types will void the warranty.

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