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Pro-Hub Tool
for Pinewood Derby Wheels

US Patent No. 6,969,312

Wheel Accuracy = Greater Speed!

The Pro-Hub Tool is a precision machined instrument that will improve the speed of your pinewood derby car by performing three important wheel preparation procedures:
  1. Hub Squaring - The Pro-Hub Tool ensures accurate rotation by squaring the wheel hub to the wheel bore. Improved wheel accuracy equals greater speed! Perform Hub Squaring after Bore Reaming and before any other wheel preparation steps.

  2. Hub Coning - The Pro-Hub Tool reduces the braking effect of the wheel hub against the car body by accurately and easily coning the inside wheel hub. Perform Hub Coning after all other wheel preparation steps. Check your local rules to ensure that wheel hub coning is allowed in your local race.

  3. Bore Reaming - Some wheels are manufactured with a wheel bore that is too small to fit a Wheel Mandrel. The Pro-Hub Tool ensures proper axle fit by reaming undersized wheel bores (great for wheels that don't fit on the mandrel!). Perform Bore Reaming before any other wheel preparation steps.

The tool has been tested on wheels from BSA, Awana, MV, and PineCar kits. It is shipped complete with coarse and fine grit sandpaper (220 and 600 grit), and instructions.

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