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Pro-Body Tool II
for Pinewood Derby Cars

Third Hole

US Patent No. 6,904,694

Axle Mounting Accuracy = Greater Speed!

For top speed, axle slots or holes must be absolutely square to the car body and parallel to each other. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve this level of accuracy has been with a drill press - a power tool that is not available to most car builders. But that has all changed. Now anyone can create accurate axle holes and align axle slots with only a hand drill (or a Pin Vise).

Introducing the Pro-Body Tool, a precision-machined, aluminum device that will improve the speed of your pinewood derby car through accurate axle mounting. The Pro-Body Tool:
  1. Ensures accurate axle positioning by allowing you to drill precise guide holes into the existing axle slots with a hand drill!1. The guide holes ensure that the axles are mounted square and true on the car. Improved axle mounting accuracy equals greater speed!

  2. Serves as a guide for drilling accurate axle holes with a hand drill.2 Again, improved axle mounting accuracy equals greater speed!

  3. Equipped with a third hole to easily raise a wheel for faster performance.

When using nail-type axles, the Pro-Body Tool and Pro-Axle Press II work together to make a well-aligned and smooth rolling car.

The Pro-Body Tool for BSA is equipped with a #44 guide hole for use on BSA, PineCar, and other kits with nail type axles. A #44 bit is included.

The Pro-Body Tool for Awana is equipped with a 3/32 inch guide hole. A 3/32 inch bit is not included.

1A clamp or vise is required to use the tool (not included).

2Check your local rules before drilling axle holes.

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