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Pinewood Derby Car Bundle Kit

Standard Wheelbase

The NitroRail is the classic pinewood derby car, combining ease of building with top performance. The NitroRail is the perfect car for first time builders.

The NitroRail Bundle Kit includes a pre-cut and drilled pine block, steel weight, wheels, axles, lube and instructions. The components include:
Please note:
  1. To complete the car kit, you will need some sandpaper, wood filler, and glue (epoxy or hot glue). These items can be found here Here.

  2. Decals are not included in the bundles. Decals can be found Here.

  3. For spray painting we recommend lacquer paints - avoid enamel paints. For brush painting (easiest for kids), we recommend acrylic hobby paints).

Red pinstriping and the Spyder decal was used to customize the car in the photo.

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