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Funny Car
Pinewood Derby Kit Bundle

Standard Wheelbase

The Funny Car Kit Bundle includes all of the key items you need to build a competitive, BSA-compliant, pinewood derby car. The components include:
Please note:
  1. To complete the car kit, you will need some sandpaper, wood filler, and glue (epoxy or hot glue). These items can be found here Here.

  2. Decals are not included in the bundles. Decals can be found Here.

  3. For spray painting we recommend lacquer paints - avoid enamel paints. For brush painting (easiest for kids), we recommend acrylic hobby paints).

Notes on Car Parts
A fully compliment of plastic car parts is included with the bundle. You can use as many of the parts as you choose. For the model shown, the blower was attached to the hood and the pipes we glued under the car. To make the pipes fit and meet clearance, the pipes were epoxied together and, after the epoxy dried, the base of the pipes were cut off with a fine toothed saw (a hacksaw blade will work). The pipes were then epoxied to the bottom of the car.

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