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Pinewood Derby Car Display Case

Preserve Your Pinewood Derby Memory!

DerbyDome with Optional Custom Label1
Car in Horizontal Position

DerbyDome without Custom Label
Car in Tilted Position

DerbyDome Showing Patent-pending Mounting Clips

The DerbyDome is a high-quality case for safely displaying pinewood derby cars. The DerbyDome has the following features: 1A custom printed label is available from the manufacturer. Label features are: To receive your custom label, use the order form in the box with the DerbyDome to specify the label color and choice of lettering. Mail the order form along with payment to the manufacturer, and you will receive your custom label by return mail.

2The mounting clips fit cars with the standard wheel base (BSA, MV, PineCar et al). For cars with an extended wheel base or a centered wheel base (Awana kits), only 1 pair of wheels will attach.

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