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Slotted BSA Pinewood Derby Speed Axle

Simplify alignment adjustments with our Slotted BSA Speed Axle. With a slight bend in the axle, you can use a small, flat blade screwdriver to rotate the axle, dialing in the desired alignment.

  1. If desired, polish the axle with our Metal Polish or our Axle Polishing Kit (skip the coarsest three papers - use the two finest papers).

  2. Use a Pro-Rail Rider or Pro-Axle Bender to put the desired bend in the axle (typically 1.5 degrees).

  3. Lubricate as usual, then mount the axle on the front dominant wheel.

  4. Test roll the car. To adjust, insert a gap gauge between the wheel hub and the car body, then slightly rotate the axle with a small flat blade screwdriver.

  5. Retest and repeat adjustment until the desired alignment is acheived.

Technical Information
Shaft Diameter:   0.087 inch ± 0.0005   (BSA:   0.088 ± 0.002)

Shaft Length:   1 inch   (same as BSA)

Material:   Zinc-coated steel   (same as BSA)

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